Maitoshi Kachi Trophy 19.03.2023

Maitoshi Kachi Trophy was the first important competition in 2023. This was an international karate competition where 5 countries participated: Belgium, Holland, France, Germany and Luxembourg and more than 500 athletes from 58 clubs were registered. We managed to get 2 bronze medals through Pascu Antonia in the U14 kumite category and Marina Elena in the U12 kumite category. Bogdan Diana (5th place), Elena Elsner, Selen Thiago and Ionescu Mihai also had a very good performance, but without a medal this time.

BELT EXAM 03.12.2022

The belt exam is an important goal for any young karateka. As every year, we awarded the related degrees to those who were conscientious and worked for it. For the first time since the establishment of the club, we awarded the best athlete, the criterion being the results from the competitions obtained during the year. Marina Elena was the winner of the trophy in 2022. As usual, Santa Claus was present and rewarded all the club members.

Cup Cupina 31/10/2021

Cup Cupina, a competition where we managed to win in 4 categories, despite the refereeing that left a very weak impression.
Congratulations to the entire team of athletes and parents for the way they presented themselves at this event.
Gyulai Patricia 1st place U12 🥇
Selen Thiago 1st place U8 🥇
Elsner Elena 3rd place U10 🥉
Ionescu Mihai 3rd place U12 🥉
Congratulations also to the other members of the team for their good performance:
Teirau Melania
Gyulai Rosamaria
Easter Antonia
Marina Elena
Afteni Bogdan
Afteni Răzvan
Khabarov Victor
Kool Alexandre

Open de Liege

Open de Liege was the first participation of our club in an international competition of this level.

The first participation in an international competition brought us the first result: Gyulai Patricia – kumite bronze medal + 40kg.

A competition in which 14 countries participated with 115 clubs with over 800 athletes. Congratulations to the whole team for their courage and hard work.


Karate Kid 4th edition is the annual event organized by the AMICAL club, which aims to attract children to the discipline of karate.

This year we had a record attendance after which we formed a new group of beginners. The event started with a karate demonstration offered by more experienced students, followed by a dynamic and energetic training, with some of those present and at the end we had free discussions and provided useful information to all present.


Amical Challenge is the competition intended exclusively for members of the AMICAL club. Forced by circumstances and due to the difficult period we are going through, we initiated this project, to give children a new motivation to do karate, but also an extra goal. The tests were adapted to everyone’s age and experience, so that everyone could participate, even if they had no experience in kumite (fight) or kata (imaginary fight). Therefore, 35 children aged between 4 and 11 years participated in the following tests:

Belt TYU – against time
Kimono fold – against time
Application route – against time
This competition was supported by a number of 12 volunteer parents who contributed to the ideal development of the event.

Panda Cup-Interclubs Karaté Neupré 03/11/2019

“Panda Cup”
Competition attended by 11 athletes, 2 coaches and an impressive gallery of parents.
We managed to obtain:
5 gold medals ? by Marina Elena, Pascu Antonia, Teirau Melania, Gyulai Patricia and Afteni Bogdan
2 silver medals ? by the athletes Kool Alexandre and Mihai Alexandru
4 bronze medals ? by the athletes Ionescu Mihai, Gyulai Rosamaria, Afteni Răzvan and Ciocirlan Eduard.

Congratulations everyone !